Despite having formed just two years ago, the Seattle-based six-piece RUB has quickly made a splash in the local music scene—and for a good reason! Their music is fun, accessible, and thought-provoking with glossy synths, danceable R&B beats, and poignant lyrics. ” - Audrey Vann

The Stranger

Lead singer Princella Ray’s vocal timbre is smooth and warm. Her high range evokes hints of Shelia E., which she projects with ease in the band’s live arrangement of “Contentment.” Guitarist Robbie Luna’s flanged-out guitar techniques slide in well with the band’s ‘80s style material, while elements of The Minneapolis Sound (Prince’s “Delirious”) are brought to light by keyboardist Malia Seavey’s super-poppy synths...” - Megan Perry

Music Connection

Rub blends pop sounds with positive lyrics meant to inspire you to get up and shake things up. The band’s latest single “Contentment” was recently chosen as KEXP’s song of the day and their fans sang along to every word. The band’s infectious energy had everyone in the crowd dancing.” - Caroline Anne

Keynote Music Collective


Synth-pop from Seattle

Despite their relatively short time together as a band, RUB has already achieved an impressive list of accomplishments. They have played historic Seattle venues and festivals such as Bumbershoot and The Moore Theater for SMASH's benefit tribute to Sub Pop records, along with helping inaugurate the official Sir Mix-a-Lot Day in Seattle by opening the night's concert. Their first single, Contentment, became Song of The Day on KEXP, chosen by DJ Cheryl Waters, and they performed live in-studio on KEXP's Afternoon Show.


The band comprises former and current members of Trick Candles, Salt Lick, Acid Tongue, NighTraiN, Killer Workout, Cute Lepers, and Panama Gold, and their collective experience and talent shines through in every performance. With a sound that is both unique and immediately accessible, RUB is on a mission to reach out and evoke emotion and hip shakes from people from all walks of life. Whether you want to get inspired or just need a good pick-me-up, RUB's music delivers.

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Photo by Carlos Cruz

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